New Order: True Faith / 1963

New Order: True Faith/1963

New Order: True Faith/1963

In response to New Order’s signing with Mute Records, I’m taking a look at their True Faith / 1963 single released in 1987. “True Faith” was actually the first New Order single to make the US Top 40 chart (number 32) in the band’s history. It also did quite well in the UK.

For me, I have to say that the most iconic memory of this single stems from the video. I was never an MTV junkie by any means, but during the made-for-tv video heyday, I just couldn’t understand the choreography or imagery behind this, yet couldn’t look away… and still can’t:

The B-side “1963” — which I personally find more interesting from a musical perspective — has been lyrically referred to as a spouse abuse / murder song, offsetting the playful synths and melodies showcased in it. Both tracks on this release were produced and written by the band along with Stephen Hague, who also worked on Pet Shop Boys and Erasure songs of the same era.

More about this release on Discogs.


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