Tony Mottola Guitar: A Latin Love-In

Tony Mottola Guitar: A Latin Love-In

Tony Mottola Guitar: A Latin Love-In

Well here’s a fun one. But don’t let the title or nifty album art fool you — this is not psychedelic by any means. Think ‘latin flavored’ pop and you’re mostly there.

Mottola (1918-2004) was a prolific musician with over 50 albums to his name. Additionally, he has been credited with contributing to several hundred performances as a studio musician. Some of his earliest recorded performances date back to the 1940s, and he was the composer and performer on the Danger soundtrack (1950) which is perhaps the earliest TV soundtrack LP ever released.  He was a jazz guitarist and often played electric guitar, but on this album he plays a Spanish (classical) guitar. From the liner notes, he is quoted:

I wanted to do an album featuring the Spanish guitar, and I wanted to project the feeling that ‘Love is a Spanish Guitar.’ But I didn’t want to so a whole program of tunes whose titles start with ‘La.’

Other notable features of this record include its producer, Enoch Light, who was known for his meticulous attention to quality studio recordings and engineering. Also notable is the album cover by Hilary Knight whose cartoon-style art appeared in magazines, greeting cards, and advertizements of the era.

More about A Latin Love-In on Discogs.

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